Thwacked!! Grade 6 Musical Production

We are happy to announce that this month, SMS will be presenting a grade 6 musical production called “Thwacked!” Students in the sixth grade have been rehearsing to
sing in the chorus while in their music classes, and students who auditioned for leading and supporting roles have been additionally rehearsing during lunch hours.
This production will present your student’s culmination of learning in music class this semester, and is a mandatory presentation of their hard work, skills, and dedication.

Thwacked will be presented on

Wednesday, May 31st at 2:30pm and 7:30 pm

In the SMS gymnasium.

Parents, family members, and friends are invited to attend and watch the performance at either performance time, free of charge. Rush seating will be available. The production should run for approximately 40 minutes. All grade 6 students will be performing both in the afternoon and evening. Students singing in the chorus are asked to arrive at the school for the evening performance by 6:45pm. Students who have leading or supporting roles with lines, solos, and costumes, are asked to be at school by 6:15pm to get into costume.

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Talk-In Tuesdays!

Hanover School Division partnered with Southern Health to offer Talk-In Tuesdays, a summer walk-in counseling available to ages 12-18 and parents.

Talk-In Tuesdays! Summer walk-in counseling available to people ages 12-18 and parents at 450 main street in Steinbach. Jasons Le Mardi Seances pour l'ete pour les jeunes de 12 a 18 ans et les parents.

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Hanover School Division recognizes its responsibility to promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure a smoke, tobacco, and vape-free environment for the health and welfare of students, staff, and visitors. All schools in the Hanover School Division are vape-free. Vaping is not permitted in schools or on school property. Students caught vaping in the school or on school grounds are in violation of Manitoba law and are in breach of student conduct rules. Consequences of such actions may include but are not limited to; confiscation of the vape, disciplinary meeting, and suspension from school.

Vape-Free Schools

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