Parent Information About Stonybrook Middle School’s June Plan

The Province of Manitoba has announced in its phase II reopening plan that schools are open on June 1,
2020. This does not mean a return to business as usual – and in-class instruction en masse continues to
be cancelled. This will not look like school as usual.


SMS’s Strategy


SMS staff intend to align the work we have already done with the intention of a gradual reopening in
June and a reduction in Remote Learning expectations. Please note that while teachers and some
support staff will be back in schools on a day-to-day basis, students will only be allowed into the school
by invitation and/or appointment . We request that parents and guardians refrain from entering the
school unless invited to do so, by appointment, with their child’s teacher. For the month of June our
overall plan is to continue to support students to learn at home until June 19 and provide an opportunity
for in school appointments to meet with teachers from June 8 – 19, 2020.
To ensure students safely and effectively transition to the new school year on a solid foundation the
purpose of the face to face meetings/appointments will be focused on students who require recovery
learning or who have been unable to fully engage in online remote learning opportunities that have
been provided over the past nine weeks. Parents are encouraged to contact homeroom teachers to
determine if an appointment at school is necessary for their child(ren) or not . SMS staff will be
contacting parents/guardians to invite students for academic support to complete Distance Learning if
needed, connection and closure of the 19/20 school year. Parents/Guardians have the option to decline
the invitation if they choose.


Details About Appointments at School

  • Teachers will contact parents to book the appointment.
  • Students will stay with their appointed teacher, in the classroom, during their entire in school
    appointment time.
  • Students must be dropped off at their scheduled time at the school and enter through the main
    doors on Lumber Ave.
  • All students will be screened prior to entering the school.
  • Parents are asked to pick up their children promptly at the end of their scheduled appointment to
    avoid loitering and the potential for groups to gather. If a child is walking home they are asked to
    leave the school promptly and not hang out at SMS when their appointment is over.
  • Meetings are entirely voluntary on the part of parents and students
  • Maximum one appointment per week per student (4 appointments in total)
  • 5 students maximum per appointment time per classroom/teacher
  • Meetings with teachers inside SMS will be done by appointment only (no walk up
    meetings/appointments will be considered).


SMS staff are looking forward to this period of transition as a way to reconnect with some of our
students and help others achieve their goals for the school year. We are also going to observe and
assess how our social distancing protocols are working and where they may need to be improved before
school starts again in the fall. We thank all of our parents/guardians for your patience and support as we
have navigated the past nine weeks of home-learning. While June won’t be a full return to school as
usual, it is a beginning toward our new normal.

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