Activity Day is almost here!  Please remember the following important things in preparation for Thursday:

  1. Buses to all events will begin leaving at 9:15.  Make sure you are on time for school!
  2. Special Instructions for Some Events
    1. YFC – bring a bag lunch and extra money if you want for the vending machine.  No scooters will be permitted.
    2. SpeedWorld and Bowling (Mr Koop and Mr North) – we will stop at the Polo Park Food Court for lunch.  You may also bring a bagged lunch.  Snacks will be available at the bowling alley.
    3. U of M – Bring a bag lunch and separate indoor shoes
    4. Sledding/School Gym – students have the option of bringing money for Tim Hortons.  NOTE: if you are going to Tim Hortons, you will need permission from your parents, as normal.  The school requires a note, or email, or phone call in advance.  The school canteen will be closed on Thursday.  Bring a bag lunch.

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